Want a blowjob?

* I meant a dream job...


Shame on you… What a stupid question, of course everyone wants to make porn...

But seriously, the “cam industry” is a very specific market with special requirements and is full of interesting people. If you want to step out of the everyday norm and think outside the box, this industry is your ticket to a fantastic adventure. You can work with big data as well as big boobs every day! You will be the person who is responsible for thousands of our brothers’ happiness and you could be the person who helps us to increase their satisfaction day by day.

And last but not least, it‘s also really cool to answer with “I work in the porn industry” whenever someone asks about your job. #truestory


Our "Tech-Brains" are located in a cute little town very close to Frankfurt, Germany.

If you like to drink Ebbelwoi and enjoy a ton of Wurst, then this is the place for you. If you don‘t know what these are then we highly recommend you try them, and if you made your way all the way over here to try them, you might as well work with us too.

Currently living in the middle of nowhere? Don‘t worry. Our awesome relocation package will help you get here and we will help in everything else as well. We are offering you a brand new desk in our swanky new office building, complete with a nice panorama, gym, free coffee and fruits.

... and yes, you can use  (mac)


What do you need to be the coolest porn designer ever?

Well, it’s always nice to have couple of years’ experience in the design and development field. If you are familiar with not just typical design software but html and javscript as well and you are brave enough to make a git deploy, you are our guy (girls are welcome as well)!

You can be more than a designer here, we work in small (5-6 person), startup like teams on our own products (yes you can share your own ideas and we will actually listen). Having a brain is a must and any special abilities (like telekinesis or laser eyes) are an advantage!

Oh yess... Sprichst Du Deutsch? Ja? Then, what are you waiting for? HIT THAT FCKIN BUTTON!